Well this didn’t last long

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I was looking forward to showing you my newest pendant (made from that gorgeous vintage tin I have been crushing on) … and here it is…. however… as with all my pieces it is a one of a kind…. and this one sold immediately on posting it so unfortunately is not available for purchase.  However it is going to a most amazing lady who I have known for many years so I couldn’t be happier!


SOLD Vintage tin and 1970’s costume jewellery pendant on sterling silver chain


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After a wonderful few days away with friends and family I finally had the chance to finish off these three gorgeous brooches this afternoon!  They will be added to my shop tomorrow.


why has it been so quiet?

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2016 was almost silent for The Grateful Red.  I apologise for that!  2016 turned out to be a big big year for my family and myself outside of my business and unfortunately that meant something had to give… and it was my beloved Grateful Red.

However….. that also led to some time to think about what I am doing, what I want to do and on what journey I wish to take you all!

So…. welcome to 2017 and a year of new adventures.  What does 2017 bring to The Grateful Red?  A complete change in direction.  A refocusing on what is important to me and bringing that all together to share with you in the form of new works.

Living in a lovely rural community, in a ramshackle 115 year old cottage, surrounded by my animals and gardens, I found that the consumerism of printed paper works was starting to grate on my love of all things vintage and recycled.  So this year I am bringing you a range of works that focuses on ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’.

To kick it off I have been working with some of my lovely china pieces I haven’t had the heart to throw out once they were damaged and broken, as well as using some lovely vintage costume jewellery pieces I have collected over the years and remodelling some other vintage items.  Keep up to date here and on Facebook.com/thegratefulredstudios or Instagram: thegratefulredstudio to see what I have been making.

All items are OOAK and you are guaranteed to own your own unique piece.  I would love to hear what you think of this new direction (good and bad!).

Warm hugs and HAPPY 2017!


Don’t be scared to fly alone

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I think this is something we all need to keep in mind (me especially).  So often I am consumed by ideas that I am too timid to follow through with.  So as part of my Critter collection I have added this inspirational quote alongside ‘Morgan’, who, though looking hesitant is taking that leap and flying alone, above the treetops.

Flying Balloons_Mockup

Morgan was only completed last night and is freshly available on my Etsy store here.

Nursery Art Fun times

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No, I am NOT getting clucky!  However I have been having fun with some new nursery inspired prints this week.

Nursery prints bring a ‘back to basics’ approach to design – simple shapes with solid colours for little ones to focus on, coupled with inspiring quotes or cute sayings for the parents.

Never Give Up on your Daydream


check it out here

Another nursery print 31st May 2015

Little Brave

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Watercolour is the bomb!

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I have been having a wonderful time the last few days with a variety of watercolour styles and textures.  There is something so beautiful about the fluidity of watercolour. It is both calming and striking.

Here is a little sneak peak of some items that will be coming to my store in the next few days.  I hope you enjoy them.

My Creative Process

Studio Update

I often get asked how I come up with ideas.  The truth is that I have an overactive imagination with a brain that just doesn’t stop – so I find it harder to streamline my ideas and focus.  It is both a blessing and a curse!

Many of my ideas start here …. in my sketchpad.


My latest work in progress

Although I use a computer to design my work, I most often start with sketched concepts.  Sometimes they are loose concepts I use to prompt my digital work, sometimes they are completed concepts that I then scan, vectorise to make them scalable and put the finishing touches on.

What can’t I live without in the creative process?

  • My sketchbook and wide array of pens and pencils
  • My gorgeous soy melts by Biara – I just love them and have them burning in my studio non stop. ( go check them out at https://www.facebook.com/BiaraCandles  and say hi from me!)
  • My graphics tablet – which makes editing my work soooo much easier!
  • Music. At the moment I am addicted to Banks and Ed Sheeran.