Elki’s Journal

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Most of you would not know but at The Grateful Red Studio I donate 10% of sales each month to a worthy cause, charity or event.  I generally do this anonymously and quietly but I think sometimes it pays to speak out and raise awareness.

I particularly want to highlight this month’s donation which is going to

Elki’s Journal




Here is a brief overview of what Elki’s family are going through:

On New years Eve while every one was preparing to see in 2016, Lisa and Jevon rushed Elki to hospital as they were concerned with how pale she was and noticed bruses appearing all over her body, at the hospital she had bloods taken and only hours later, Lisa and Jevons world was turned upside down, Elki had been diagnosed cancer, at this stage the doctors had not discovered which type of cancer Elki had.  after reciving a blood transfusion as hers blood counts were low, the very next morning they were pack up and heading to Brisbane. This is where Elki was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia after recieving further tests by the Oncologist.

Elki is a strong willed little girl who doesn’t give up easily.
Elki started treatment days later at Lady Cilento Children Hospital Brisbane.
 We know it may be a long and difficult stuggle for the whole family who are absolutely devastated by the news.

Please keep Elki, her sisters and her Mum and Dad in your thoughts. They will be in Brisbane for the foreseeable future.

Although I don’t know Elki personally – I do know some of her close friends.  If you can help in any small (or big) way  – please do : )  Or alternatively – please share the shit out of this post and get the word out there!