New items about to go in store

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Well, Niche Market Bazaar is over for another few months and it is time to stock my store up again!  I have been busy making a whole range of new items and will be busy photographing and uploading over the next week so stay tuned for updates!  Here is a peek at some of the items I have recently created.


New items in shop

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I have added a few new items into my store today.  I am holding onto most items for a while as I have a couple of markets coming up that I am desperately trying to stock up for!

Here are some of the items in store now.  Each is of course a one of a kind and unfortunately when gone, they are gone!  However if there is a style of item that you really like, please let me know and I will be able in most cases to make something similar.





why has it been so quiet?

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2016 was almost silent for The Grateful Red.  I apologise for that!  2016 turned out to be a big big year for my family and myself outside of my business and unfortunately that meant something had to give… and it was my beloved Grateful Red.

However….. that also led to some time to think about what I am doing, what I want to do and on what journey I wish to take you all!

So…. welcome to 2017 and a year of new adventures.  What does 2017 bring to The Grateful Red?  A complete change in direction.  A refocusing on what is important to me and bringing that all together to share with you in the form of new works.

Living in a lovely rural community, in a ramshackle 115 year old cottage, surrounded by my animals and gardens, I found that the consumerism of printed paper works was starting to grate on my love of all things vintage and recycled.  So this year I am bringing you a range of works that focuses on ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’.

To kick it off I have been working with some of my lovely china pieces I haven’t had the heart to throw out once they were damaged and broken, as well as using some lovely vintage costume jewellery pieces I have collected over the years and remodelling some other vintage items.  Keep up to date here and on or Instagram: thegratefulredstudio to see what I have been making.

All items are OOAK and you are guaranteed to own your own unique piece.  I would love to hear what you think of this new direction (good and bad!).

Warm hugs and HAPPY 2017!


Meet Marlia and Keeya

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I am pleased to introduce my two newest prints to The Grateful Red family.   Thank you to our wonderful Instagram and Facebook family for putting forward so many awesome names to choose from!  My two beautiful sons each drew a name from the box and Marlia (left) and Keeya (right) were the two beautiful names chosen!

They are currently available only via direct message but I will aim to have them in store come Easter time when I do a refresh and restock.

Critter update January 2016

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Time has been short but I have still managed to squeeze in a little design time in between Christmas, New Year, family visits, camping trips, finding a new winery to indulge in (just down the road – which is bad bad news) and various other goings on.

These little critters will have their launch at the upcoming Handmade Exchange online market on Tuesday. If you want to see some amazing works from artists around Australia… click here and sign up to access this exclusive market – you won’t be disappointed!

Don’t be scared to fly alone

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I think this is something we all need to keep in mind (me especially).  So often I am consumed by ideas that I am too timid to follow through with.  So as part of my Critter collection I have added this inspirational quote alongside ‘Morgan’, who, though looking hesitant is taking that leap and flying alone, above the treetops.

Flying Balloons_Mockup

Morgan was only completed last night and is freshly available on my Etsy store here.

Friday Freebie

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Happy 2016 and welcome to my first Friday Freebie and to celebrate a year of creativity and art – this seems a most fitting print to share with you all.

Friday Freebie - A4 print Creativity and Art - free for personal use

Friday Freebie – A4 print Creativity and Art – free for personal use

Please click here to download an A4 version of this print.  This print is free for personal use. Please feel free to share this post for others to enjoy : )

Have an awesome weekend!
Cheers, Little Red.

2016 – the Year of the Critters!

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Welcome to 2016… officially the Year of the Critters!

After launching my first Critters at the end of 2015 they have been a huge success and I have started working on adding to the Critter family in 2016.

First up is ‘Geraldine’.  Geraldine is a very Zen Critter.  She focuses on inner peace and harmony.  Geraldine’s mediation mantra is “Sky above me, Earth below me, Fire within me”.

Please welcome Geraldine to the Critter family.

Mediation Critter_mockup_Desk